Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Time is one of the most valuable commodities that most of us tend to take for granted.

What happens when a group of High School Seniors are given time?
Add to that Freedom and Choice to the mix.  Two very valuable aspects of our lives.

For some that time and freedom becomes a pathway to an amazing journey of self discovery and production.  For others those jewels become a frustration highway for reflection and recognition of weaknesses.  While still others become handcuffed by the lack of regiment created in most aspects of their lives.

The time of our Innovations Journey is quickly passing and we are up against the deadline of 63 days until final presentations which translates to only 17 class days in our block schedule.

For Seniors in the Innovations class the reality of first quarter grades, SAT/ACT testing, college apps, homecoming, winter formal etc, etc... has begun to takes its toll on the enthusiasm that drove the beginning.

Motivation now must be at it's peak as these innovators begin to produce the pieces of their creative endeavors.  Energy is at a premium as these students are weighed down by the burden of six other periods that demand that they follow directions, meet deadlines, take tests and read the book.  A class based upon the FREEDOM of CHOICE and TIME is easily the sacrificial lamb for the relief of stress.

The most critical aspects of this course thereby become the possible weapons of destruction as students try to balance the expectations of a college prep world based upon chasing GPA.  However, it is these very aspects that will be the deciding factors for these very students when they are asked to be productive members of the community at large.

FREEDOM, CHOICE & TIME, tools for success or creative destruction.