Each student in the Innovations Class will create a blog to share the innovations process throughout the semester.

The Blog Will Be Used To 

  Share Your Work with the World
  Create an Online Presence for Your Brand 
  Locate and Attract Mentors
  Communicate with other Innovators 

Class Innov8tion Blog

Mr. Miller              @LSinnov8tions

           Student Innov8tion Blogs

Lance Alviso         @alvisolance0228
Armand Andrade @Armand_Andrade
Amell Bishara       @bishara_amell
Izzy Bishwakarma @izzybish1998 
Mason Busbee      @masinnovation        
Shea Corwin         @CorwinShea    
Harrison Fitch      @Harrison_Fitch  
Mark Forbush      @100480Mark    
Neelan Ganesan   @neelanganesan   
Emilio Garcia-Corona @emiliogarciacor
Hannah Howard  @HannahHoward123 
Nick Javryd          @ Nickjavryd     
Carine Koumriqian @carineofficial 
Bettina Lee           @bettinal10024  
Steven Luyapan   @SLuyapan       
Abigail Marich     @abby_marich  
Reilly Milton        @ReillyMilton     
Brandon Nguyen @100232Innovate
Bhav Patel            @bp90041            
Spencer Raines    @spencer_raines
Lauren Rewers    @RewersLauren 
Tyler Rix              @tylerrix             
Noel Rozario        @NRoza123        
Jack Trager          @100413freegucci   
Mason Whittingham @masondeew
Emily Wright        @erw165             

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