Friday, August 28, 2015

Passion Hearts.

"Passion can be found where what you love intersects with what breaks your heart. "

Day two found us brainstorming using a technique borrowed from Angela Maiers (@AngelaMaiers) through a blogpost on the Choose 2 Matter website, What Breaks your Heart? There's Your Passion!

Providing students with two hearts, One for what they love and one for what breaks their heart, students began self reflection on where their passions are.

Table Discussions and Post It Notes soon had students finding their common areas of Love and Heartbreak as they searched for the area of Passion that could drive their Innovations Projects.


The brainstorming as fast and furious and allowed students to rethink the concept of an innovative concept.  With our Lasallian motto of Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve, it became apparent that doing something innovative must include who is going to be affected by the outcomes of these projects. Students realized quickly that while projects can be done that are for individual personal growth and learning, the possibilities can mean so much more when the projects are focused on positive change for others.

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