Friday, August 28, 2015

Twitter Thursday

"Treat Yourself Like a Professional"

The third day of class was known as Twitter Thursday.  The goal was to begin students on the path of creating their professional image in their digital brand.

Students began by giving up the egg and presenting themselves to the world with their Twitter Profile image.

Although these students are digital natives, this does not guarantee technological literacy. The Teach 2 Learn Mentality was apparent early as students found peer experts to guide them through the process of changing out their profile picture and developing their profiles. 

The one requirement to their profile was to "Treat Themselves as Professionals" and include information about being an Innovations student at La Salle High School. 

We then conducted a brief Twitter Chat using TweetDeck so students could learn to use the proper #'s and experience the real time possibilities for Twitter interaction. 

Then the fun began as students began their Project by Creating their Twitter Follow Lists.  The first person I suggested all of my students to follow and then Tweet was of course The Innovation Teacher Himself, Don Wettrick.  

Don did not disappoint as he began to follow students back almost immediately. Hoots around the room followed by "This guy is the Boss!" made other students  check to see if Don had followed them back as well.  

The researching possible followers and the discussions that ensued created friendly competition as students tried to include the most and best Tweepers to follow.  Culminating when two students challenged each other to see if they could get Ellen Degeneres to follow back for their project. This challenge was met by a student quoting the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, "You mill 100% of the shots you don't take."  This exchange led to a great discussion on the possibilities, expectations and realities of who to follow, who to request to follow and the best way to request that an individual follow back.  

Overall, Twitter Thursday continued to fuel the energy for the course an students are beginning to see even more possibilities beyond their original basic ideas for the course. I continue to be amazed by my students in a way that I have never been inspired by the classes I have taught for over 30 years.  
I can't wait to see the possibilities become realities on this Innovative Journey. 

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