Tuesday, September 1, 2015

13 TEDTalks to Enhance the MOTIVATION for INNOVATION

Sometimes a little extra MOTIVATION for INNOVATION can be created by bringing experts into your classroom through the world of TED.

Sir Kenneth Robinson - TEDTalk Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Dan Pink - TEDTalk The Puzzle of Motivation.

Steven Johnson - TEDTalk Where do Good Ideas Come From?

Aimee Mullins - TEDTalk The Opportunity of Adversity  

Elizabeth Gilbert - TEDTalk Your Elusive Creative Genius

Derek Sievers - TEDTalk How to Start a Movement

Julie Burstein - TEDTalk 4 Lessons in Creativity

Diana Laufenberg - TEDTalk How to Learn from Mistakes

Kathryn Schulz - TEDTalk On Being Wrong

Sir Kenneth Robinson - TEDTalk Bring on the Learning Revolution

Gever Tulley - TEDTalk Life Lessons through Tinkering

Gever Tulley - TEDTalks 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

John Wooden - TEDTalk The Difference between Winning and Succeeding

Parroting brilliance is one thing but hearing it from the source provides an amazing opportunity to expose our students to the perspectives and understanding of some of the most amazing people on the web. Invite them in to your classroom and let them exude their brilliance upon the students entrusted to your care. 

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