Tuesday, September 22, 2015

LSHS Innov8tions Pitch Days

Peers Can Be Amazing Resources

Our first Innov8tions Pitch Day was a day of anxiety and excitement as students unveiled their project plans to their fellow innov8tors.

The students did not disappoint in my expectations for their presentations. There were those that were of course over-prepared and captured the attention of their peers, there were also those who came  in and underwhelmed their classmates.  This of course is not a surprise and I could have predicted each case as It was very apparent that those who had used their first month of brainstorming and work had truly embraced their concept and were either ready to take off on their project or were already well involved.

The true value of the Pitch Day did not actually come from the presenting of the project itself but in the questions and critiques provided by classmates as they focused on generating ideas to take each project further.  It was amazing to see the willingness to share information, websites, contact, possible mentors and growth ideas.  The genuine focus on encouraging students to take their projects further and possible methods to grow them was an incredible by-product of the process. Quite often presenters downplayed the value and importance of the project not wanting to set expectations for themselves too high.  But with the energy generated from their peers it seems that these artificial barriers and reluctance can be reduced if not altogether eliminated. 

I hope the outward encouragement of others manifests itself in self promotion of their own Innovations projects as we continue through these pitch days for the next couple classes. 

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